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Our Homestead

Things are constantly changing at Fat Bird Farms. With each season comes new challenges and new opportunities. We try to be as open and honest and raw as we can, and often document it here on our blog at

or you can follow us on facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, or instagram! Whoo, that's a lot! But all the effort is worth it to keep you all informed and educated. See, that's our goal here, is to help and share and teach, as much and as often as we can. As a non-profit organization, each and every cent we make goes into caring for our rescued animals and to educating those who wish to know more about sustainable living. Everything we do here is as pure as nature makes it. We go through hardships just as much as successes, and all of it is a learning experience, that we are more than willing to share, with you!

So whether you require our services, volunteer, Donate, take a class, or just buy one of the items from our store, you are helping.

You are part of this whole.

You matter to us and we are thankful you are here. So come join us in this great adventure that is life and love and learning!

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