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Fat Bird Farms

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"Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as if we are to live on this earth forever."  ~ Arron Wood


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Always Free Estimates

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Centrally located in Clay County, Indiana

*Important Update*

We apologize for any inconveniences, but even though much of the country has reopened all current in person classes are still postponed due to continuing health concerns. We will continue to keep you updated as classes become available in the future, as well as any virtual classes we may offer. If you would like to help with our current situation, you can read our story and donate HERE. Thank you for your help and patience during these trying times. 


Here at Fat Bird Farms, we try to live a simple, happy life. 

By running a non profit functioning homestead, we accomplish our mission by teaching others how to be self sufficient and successful. We also rescue domestic, farm, and wild animals, and teach others how to care for them as well. We offer our experience as landscapers and tree trimmers to the public in an effort to serve and teach those around us. In addition, all of the products we sell are hand made here on the farm. All proceeds from our hard work go to helping take care of the animals we rescue. We live and breath this life and are thankful for the opportunity to not only live off the land, but to help others know that they can too. 

Also, we love fat birds! And aid The Cornell Lab of Ornithology by cataloging them.

You can help us by volunteering your time and experience, by buying one of our products, or simply by making a donation.  We give free estimates for our services, offer several classes a month, and always look for a new opportunity to educate ourselves.  Thank your for visiting us!

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