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Cool Creek Forge

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Cool Creek Forge is a functional mid-19th Century Smithy (aka Blacksmith) that specializes in custom products. Made by hand, each item is unique in its own way. Please see our Gallery for examples of our work - or visit us at any one of the Civil War Era re-enactments, or any one of the more modern Festivals, we participate in throughout the year. 

Please visit our Events page to see where we will be next!

At this time we do not make knives or axes, there are many qualified Bladesmiths, and we encourage you to support those Craftsman. We do welcome your business, however, for general custom work.  

Custom item quotes can be requested Here.

   *Please Note: Prices are subject to change, due to the fluctuations in the steel and iron industry. At Cool Creek Forge, we do general blacksmithing the way our forefathers did it.  The one exception is we do NOT shoe horses! Please check your local listings for a qualified farrier to do this!*

We are most active on Facebook. You can connect with us there at:

John can be contacted at or (317) 495-2727 and is available for demonstrations and lessons.

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